Paradiso Garden of Eden Olives
Paradiso australia garden of eden olive grove

The grove is located in One Tree Hill, South Australia, the gateway to the heart of the Barossa Valley. The 17.5 hectare estate boasts optimal soil and conditions, and produces the highly aromatic, pleasantly mild palatability and high antioxidant levels that you smell and taste in our organic oil.


The olive varieties on our grove were carefully researched to match South Australia's mediterranean climate and rainfall.

We have cultivated a variety of Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina olive trees from the famous Italian region of Tuscany, as well as a small amount of a newly developed tree referred to as “Dwarf”.

Our olives are traditionally picked, usually between April - June of every year, depending on conditions and ripeness (as olives are best picked just before olive ripening).



Our oil is produced through a cold extraction method via state of the art equipment. This means that during the processing, our olives never exceed 27 degrees celcius, remaining as raw as possible. We harvest our olives at optimal ripeness (around May) and transport them within 24hrs to a certified organic press. Here the olives are washed and malaxed, and then seperated through two centrifuges from solid into the pure liquid gold that is extra virgin olive oil. After settling, our oil is sealed and stored, free from air & daylight.

Peter Eden

Meet the owner:

Peter Eden