Our 2018 range of certified organic olive oil.
Available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Lt & 2Lt

Our 2018 harvest was awarded a Silver medal

at the 2018 Australian Food Awards, along with the Olives SA 'Best Packaging' award

Our multi award winning extra virgin olive oil has been carefully crafted to deliver a pleasantly mild taste, with the highest level of antioxidants and nutrition while giving off a strong aromatic scent.  Beginning life as an olive on one of our many trees on The Grove, located on our beautiful One Tree Hill property in South Australia.  Our olives are hand picked at precisely the optimum time to ensure the highest-grade quality oil can be achieved. Once the olives are picked they are then processed and transformed into olive oil within just 24 hours in a state of the art processing centre.  Made from a blend of Frantoio, Luccino and Coratina olive trees we are able to achieve the light and clean taste with a fruity aroma and flavor that our customers know us for.


Enjoy breaking off bread and dipping it into our delicious oil, or try one of our many recipes in your home today.


If you would like to learn about our harvesting and processing methods please click here.


Paradiso Garden of Eden Olive Oil